.eml file does not open in outlook express problem filetype registered associates

You require to follow two steps as mention:


1. Quit Outlook Express
2. Click Start, and then click Run.
3. In the Open box, type msimn /reg, and then click OK.


To re-register the .eml file type in My Computer:

1. On the desktop, double-click My Computer.
2. On the Tools menu, click Folder Options.
3. Click the File Types tab.
4. Under Registered file types, click EML Outlook Express Mail Message, and then click Advanced.
5. Click Open, and then click Edit.
6. Type the following single line in the Application used to perform action box:
“C:\Program Files\Outlook Express\MSIMN.EXE” /eml:%1
7. Click OK, click OK again, and then click Close.

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