blog automatic & instant comment approval without moderation free

Most of Do Follow instant approval blog comments are full filled by spammers and It doesn’t give any useful ness or benefits. it works if client paying for spamming but never do it for SEO purpose. There are very few High PR blog comments with instant approval and very difficult to find those.

For some testing purposes and for time being, we had our blog comments appear automatic and instantly without administrator approval ie blog comments without moderation. No hold, No moderation, automatic approval. BUT we learn lesson that search engines finds organic content and want to show result to their visitor accurate and correct information as possible. Search Engines gives big penalty to content spammer and platform provides. Later we came to know that this lead to content duplicate issue due to pagination of comments. Hence, we close automatic and comment without moderation system which was implemented with aim of save our timing in approve comments. We do not allow auto approve comment in our site now onwards.

Thank you for your valuable time to read this.

Monika K

I believe in knowledge sharing by way to provide solution for any kind of issues which ultimately saves human hours so affords may utilize on undiscovered ideas, concepts and creativity. Hence, I love blogging on technology, marketing, travel and health. Require professionally written blog article? Feel free to contact me.